This page contains a breif overview on the beliefs of the Church. This is not a replacement for Cries of the Christ Hawk, but serves as a useful guide for new members.
General Commandments
1. The Church of the Christ Hawk believes the actions of God are less important than the actions of humanity. The story that the Church Hawk revealed to Hawkmaster Thomas Stambaugh is irrelevant in the face of being a good person. Whether God walked on water as the Christ or flew through battle as the Hawk, or even if none of the supernatural elements of the Church are grounded in reality, the most core belief of the Church is for all of us to be the best people we can be.

2. The Church of the Christ Hawk believes that the WILL of God is a message of love, and that all followers must strive to love themselves, each other, and all the other creatures of this earth. Respect for the will and believes of others, excluding any form of belief that involves Jesus the Christ visiting Missouri to visit the Israelis, is part of that love. Choosing to love Mormons on a personal level is not forbidden, only not required.

3. The Church of the Christ Hawk believes that the WILL of God is a message of non-interference. Followers of the Church shall not interfere with the lives of others in any non-consensual way. Those who reject the message of the Church cannot be forced to follow or convert. Those who make life style choices that you may or may not agree with shall not be interrupted in their lives, so long as those choices themselves do not affect the personal decisions and personal autonomy of others.

In brief, the story of existence doesn't matter. Love others and don't force your will onto them. This is not a complete list of things the Church approves or disapproves of, but by following these general guidelines, one will be on the best path for a good life. For example, charity work or donations is not explicitly required, but it is part of loving others. If others are living in sin, or what you believe to be sin, it is not your responsibility handle their judgment, stop their actions(short of protecting yourself or others), and attempting to turn the community against their beliefs.

Hell and Sin
Sin, as a concept of "going against God", does not exist in this Church. God has given us collectively the gift of humanity. A sin in the eyes of the Church is simply any action that harms or attempts to harm our brothers and sisters. It is not the responsibility of the Church, its members or even its leaders, to convince others they are living in sin. If someone steals from another, instead of approaching it with "you did wrong", it should be approached with "have you considered the harm to those you stole from." This is not a call for anarchy, or the removal of law and order. It simply means on a spiritual level, we should attempt to resolve errors in humanity with compassion before punishment.

The idea of hell in the traditional western sense of damnation is incompatible with the Church's understanding of God. As spoken to Hawkmaster Thomas Stambaugh, when we move from this existence to the next, we will not be judged by God, but judged by ourselves. God will open your heart to all of the pain and suffering the negative actions of your life have caused others. When you feel this intense pain that all inevitably cause, your heart will either choose to see the right way to exist and feel sorry towards humanity, or simply cease to exist. There are no unforgivable sins, Hitler could go to heaven and Dolly Parton cease to exist, it all depends on what their heart chooses to feel in the end. There are no original sins, you are responsible for your own actions.

Those who do not find heaven simply ƒNƒ‰ƒVƒbƒNƒRƒ"ƒgƒ [ƒ‰,ª·K—v,Å,· Bcease to exist.

Holy Days
There are several important days recognized by the Church as significant. On these days, an emphasis should be placed on kindness and the value of friendship and family. Days are marked using the Gregorian Calendar as this is what most people reading this would use, however do note this is not the official Church calendar.

The Day of Rest
This is a weekly holiday. One day of the week should be selected to celebrate by a member. No one day in particular is mandated, as life situations for everyone are different, but this day be it Tuesday or a Saturday should be consistently used to spend time with your loved ones and promote family and community. This is similar to a Christian/Jewish Sabbath, but the emphasis is on love over worship.

The Day of Brotherhood
May 1st of each year, a day for all of humanity to come together to celebrate a joint unity in fighting oppression, but from the old gods and from evil humans.

The Day of Life
June 4th of each year. A day to celebrate the gift of life from God, and remembering those we've lost. An emphasis on parenthood and a general caring for children is held on this day.

The Day of Love
June 18th of each year. A day to celebrate the first marriage joined and blessed by the Church. Similar to a western valentines day.

Condensed story of Cries of the Christ Hawk
The story can be split into two general parts, but to reiterate the first commandment, the regardless of the nature of reality, regardless of the nature of God, the only thing that matters is acting kind towards humanity.

The story begins with the creation of the universe. God created the universe and experienced something that humans would likely describe as "lonely." To cure this, God created 19 friends to exist in this newly created universe. These friends, from a human perspective, were gods. The only distinguishing feature between God and these gods was that God can exist outside of the universe, while the gods are confined to this universe they were created in.

God left the universe to tend to tasks outside of our comprehension, and while away, the gods took it upon themselves to create. Planets, life, and even entire concepts such as language and individuality. Many of the gods created life simply to exist to worship them, to fuel their own egos. These gods also created the origins of war. By each believing themselves to be the best, they separated themselves into "tribes" across the galaxy turning the universe into a massive turf war between rivals.

When God returned to the universe, they were disgusted by what they had found. The infighting between the gods was shameful enough, but to create lesser life forms that existed only to worship and be enslaved by the gods was what had upset God the most. God created their friends as a way to feel unity, while the gods created slaves to fuel their egos. God traveled the galaxy and destroyed 18 of the gods, and as a mercy, put the lives of all their creations to rest, and their only purpose to exist died with their respective gods.

When God found the 19th planet, things were different. The final god had gone beyond fueling their own ego, and simply created humanity(us) to torture it. Based on their own experience of war between the gods, this final god pitted humanity against each other by creating yet another set of minor gods. Humans were placed into tribes and forced to fight for their gods, all while this evil deity watched from above. God destroyed the final god in a rage, along with all the minor gods humanity found themselves subject to.

God's final task was to terminate humanity, and with the destruction of humanity, the universe could start anew. The humans were different than what God had expected, however. Unlike the other god's creations, humans were at no point forced to follow their gods by divine intervention. Humans had free will, and God could not bring themselves to destroy the sentient beings. Humans were still more evil than kind, but God wanted to save them. God made a decision to not force the humans into one direction of the other. Instead, humanity could save themselves. God granted humanity with the gift of eternal life, but only to those who could show love and compassion for their fellow man.

The confusion created by generations of humans being subject to now destroyed gods made it unlikely for God to convince these free spirited creatures to turn to the path of righteousness without forcing their hearts, something God was explicitly attempting to avoid. Instead, God decided to take the form of known deities and alter the course of human religion forever.

In the west, Judaism existed in the Roman lands in what we call today the middle east. God took the form of a Jewish priest and attempted to steer a religion based on a war god back to peace and kindness by preaching love and sacrificing themselves for the sake of humanity. The became the story of Jesus the Christ.

In the east, the people of Asia lived in fear of the Giant Water Bear prior to god destroying it. God traveled through time to the point prior to the Giant Water Bear's death and altered how they had killed it. God now took the form of a giant Hawk, golden in feathers, yet bearing the face of humanity. After destroying the Giant Water Bear, God spoke to the humans and told them they would alway be loved and protected by God, and to love and protect others as God had protected them.

One story of love and sacrifice. One story of love and war. God was unsure which path would lead humanity to fixing itself, but decided to let time show the truth. God, in the form of the Christ and the Hawk, now left humanity to decide for itself.

This brings the story to the modern day, and the second part of the story is where the Church of the Christ Hawk truly begins. Several times since the existence of Jesus the Christ and the Hawk, God attempted to steer humanity to love and kindness. Despite God's efforts, without force guiding humanity, Christianity had become corrupt, misguided at best but often evil at worse. Mormons also happened. The Followers of the Hawk become a small cult of a religion over the centuries in the area, as nature based religions fell out of favor with most of humanity. God was sad.

This brings us to the story of a young Thomas Stambaugh. Thomas was born a Christian and through life experiences turn to the Hawk. In the common year 2019, Thomas had began to lose faith in the Hawk as his life began to crumble in personal struggle. Still clinging to hope, Thomas visited the Temple of the Hawk in 2021. When there, the Christ Hawk showed themselves to Thomas. More details on this story can be found on the "Who is the Hawkmaster?" page, but in short, God appointed Thomas to be Hawkmaster Thomas Stambaugh and spread the true word of God, and tasked Thomas with turning humanity back to the light. This would be God's final attempt to save humanity, and it all rested on the Hawkmaster's shoulders. Without the Hawkmasters help, humanity could find their souls falling to shadows, in a fate unknown to the world.