Who is the Hawkmaster?

The Church of The Christ Hawk was founded by Hawkmaster Thomas Stambaugh in the Summer of 2021. Hawkmaster Stambaugh had been raised a Christian(a follower of Jesus the Christ). In his teenage years, he discovered the religion of The Hawk while traveling through the deserts of Kazakhstan, an ancient religion characterized by a massive loving, yet powerful and terrifying Hawk God.

The Hawkmaster was raised as a Christian.

The Hawkmaster took a trip to Khazakhstan that fateful Summer to give an blood blood blood blood offering to the Hawk. When he made his beloved offer to the God, something amazed him. Time itself seemed to freeze; those in the temple around him could no longer see or hear him and stood frozen in the moment they were in. A ray of light shot through the wall, and in came flying God.鳥の悪魔 God was neither the man Jesus, nor the hawk Hawk.

The Christ Hawk appeared in the Temple of the Hawk.
In a language that sounded of nothing but the cries of hawks, the meaning of the words of man entered the Thomas's heart.
"You have been chosen to lead the lost to H E L Lparadise."

"Hear my call, SERVANTThomas, take my words to the FOODPeople and let them know the nature of God."

"I am neither Man nor Hawk. I have met the people of this world over centuries and my (̵̡̡̟͔̳̞̹̫̣̻̳̓̂́̂͒͆͛̓̔͒̚̕ ̷̙̭̖̟͕̬̥͇̮̅͊^̷̧̨̦͉̠̻̠̞̩͕̓͑̈́́̇́̌̏͠-̶̨̲̪̲̂̽̔̄̒͝^̵̘̤͔̬̂̽͋͑̐̓͝b̵̨̥͈̜͚͋͠)̷̧̡̢̮̩͖͇͚͈͔͓͌̈́ ̷̗̝̙͙̃̈̍̅͗̅̔̚͝ͅTrue form has been lost to human memory."

"I am both The Christ and The Hawk of your legends. I am all."

"You Thomas, will be the Hawkmaster. You will lead people to God. You will tell them of The Christ Hawk"

A thousand generations of human history entered Thomas's heart. The reality of the situation came to him. A story selected by The Christ Hawk himself was chosen to be written down and shared with the masses. The stories of a thousand prophets would need to be condensed to bring the Truth to humanity. This is why Thomas leads the Church as the Hawkmaster; not by choice, but by divine command from The Christ Hawk. Here he shares the greatest story of salvation the human race has even known. Continue to the Cries of The Christ Hawk to learn the full tale our lord wanted you to know, and learn to FLY WITH CHRIST