Church Leaders

Rome wasn't built in a day... or by one man! Here is some more information on the leaders of the Church of the Christ Hawk.


The Chosen One
Born in Phillipsburg, New Jersey on November 21st, 1992 (0C0), Thomas Stambaugh grew up with a dedication to Christ. While attending Church in Easton, PA, Thomas's youth pastor dedicated his life to being on a sex offender registry. This caused some tension between Thomas and the Church forcing him into a life of atheism by his teen years. After later finding The Way of the Hawk, Hawkmaster Stambaugh eventually discovered the Christ Hawk while visiting the Temple of the Hawk in the Kazakh desert. The rest is history! Thomas now dedicates his life to serving our creator and savior, the Christ Hawk.

"From a young age I was passionate about Christ. In my teenage years I loved the Hawk. Now I love God and all of God's people."

"Loving and respecting the will of others the the single most important tenant of the Church. God loves all, so we should too."

"We're not tools of the government, or anyone else. Spreading the word of God is the only thing I was ever good at, and I have always preached what I've believed in."


The Original Knighthawk
Knighthawk Tyler serves the Christ Hawk from the Ohio region. Joining the Church as an official on 909,907,200C0, Tyler had actually been with the Church since its inception. When Hawkmaster Thomas returned to America, Knighthawk Tyler was the first to be informed of God's DEATHWILL. Hawkmaster Thomas was initially afraid of seeming insane, but Knighthawk Tyler instead pleged his life to helping spread the word of God. Knighthawk Tyler helps maintain the Facebook pages for the Church, and is in control of the Ohio territory.

"The rabbit sees so little, but the hawk, by nature, can see the whole."

"General Sherman did the Lord's work in Georgia."

"I don't think it's healthy to encourage this, but I do also find militant atheists to be as annoying as fundamentalists."

Hawkeye to the Hawkmaster
Born from the same blood as the Hawkmaster, Hawkeye Anthony Cyr was chosen to be the Hawkmasters personal spiritual leader. The Hawkeye guides the Hawkmasters through times of trouble, and will be the one to join the Hawkmaster and his soulmate in marriage in the fall of 2022.

"Make Christ Great Again"

"When I buy my wife, at the start she was good cook, her vagine work well, and she strong on plow. After 3 years, she became weak, her voice became deep, she recieve hair on her chest, and her vagine hang like sleeve of wizard. When the Hawkmaster brought us to the Christ Hawk, power was restored in the vagine,"

"Death cannot stop me. When I fall in battle, my soul will continue fighting for the Christ Hawk."


Backtracing enemies of the Christ Hawk
Jordan's flight with Christ began at a young age when they were introduced to the Lord by a private school and to the computer by an OG gamer father. Their journey to TechnoHawk was destined ever since. The TechnoHawk assists the Hawkmaster and the Church as a whole with web design, graphic design, and hardware maintenance.

"I'm crying and pissing and cumming." -Jordan after passing the Trials of Faith and Flight

"Deny the Hawk, get the Squawk."

"The only thing radical about this religion is these sick moves." -Jordan, moments before an attemped kick flip and successful sprained ankle.


The Saved Knighthawk
Knighthawk Sage helped Thomas bring his religion to the attention of the locals in Oklahoma. Knighthawk Sage became an official on 918,896,400C0, fulfilling his New Year's(Julian) resolution to dedicate his life to God. Knighthawk Sage is a quiet man, prefering to lead by example over words. He shows us all how to love and be holy. Knighthawk Sage is in control of the Oklahoma territory.

"You know what? I'm down."

"To tell you what the wiseman said would be foolish. You should not care what the wiseman said. When God came to our universe, there were no words, yet the Others could feel God's WILL. Neither a sentence nor a Lord of the Rings length book would ever truly capture the meaning of God and FLYING WITH CHRIST. Only opening one's heart to accept the will of God will truly bring one to the path of righteousness."

"This better not have tax implications."


The Highest Knight
Knighthawk Zoë was the first member of the Church to dare bring the word of our lord west of the Rockies. A longtime friend of the Hawkmaster, Knighthawk Zoë has guided the Hawkmaster through many spiritual conflicts and journeys. Although potential attacks from Scientologists are always a risk on the west coast due to their numbers, our first female Knighthawk shows no fear knowing that God is at her back and always in her heart.

"The sword has no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage."

"ƒNƒ‰ƒVƒbƒNƒRƒ"ƒgƒ [ƒ‰,ª·K—v,Å,· BTime passes, people move like a river flows, it never ends... A childish mind will turn to noble ambition... Young love will become deep affection... The clear water's surface reflects growth."

"Tuesdays are for tacos, Sundays are for the Christ Hawk."


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